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These are packed full of monthly sales and usually have awesome Publix store coupons in them that can be stacked. Keep your eye out for cardboard displays throughout the store as well! Make sure you sign up to receive everything you can!

The 5 Best Publix Coupons This Week | Couponing

This is one of my favorite reasons to shop there! Each store has a list of stores that they consider to be competitors. Friendly Staff. If you have ever shoped there, then you know exactly what I mean. I worked for Publix through high school and can honestly say that they train their employees better than any company I know. Customer service is at the top of their priority list. Price Promise. The store promises that the price you see of the shelf is the price that the item will ring up at the register. This is huge a pet peeve of mine at my local Wal-Marts!

If the price is incorrect, they will give you that item for FREE! If you have more than one of the item, they will give you the first one free and price adjust the remaining.

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This has only happened to me a couple of times and it was usually on a clearance item. This promise just shows me how much they actually care. We do not get double days, triple days or anything even similar. In Florida, we can only dream being able to do this one day. The next big difference is that we have to purchase two of the BOGO items to take advantage of the sale. To Floridians, this can often come as a huge advantage.

You should be able to find the coupon in your local paper. Some stores do not require you to have the coupon so check with your store if you cannot find it. Join the Ipsos Survey Panel. Home What's New?? Copyright Money-Saving-Momma. Watch their sales pick up now that Publix is going to stop honoring them. Also stores get 8 cents pure profit from each coupon they turn in plus the full price of the items they were selling at half price. Win-Win for them.

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The only way to save money at Publix is with double coupons. Aldi and Kroger will be getting more of my business if no doubles in TN. Kroger sends coupons in the mail and doubles coupons. Im envious of you guys with a choice! Publix would have to quit bogos for me to go elsewhere.

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Prepared food is not exempt. Tn has a state sales tax of 7. The current sales tax on food is 5. Still high. We all need to write in to tell them how disappointed we are. Let them know they are at risk of losing a lot of customers to Kroger and Aldi. Maybe they will reconsider! Next thing you know it will be like Fla and the first item is full price and the second item is free. Oh, and you can only use a coupon on the first item.

Hopefully not. Kroger, Target and Sprouts will be getting more of my business if they do the buy one get one free like they do in Fla. I live in florida and our Bogosian you can use coupon on both items, if mayo is 5. Just saying sounds good to me. The trick is to find a coupon friendly store as some are horrible. They have the best meat in town and run very good sales.

Ingles was quite confusing for me the first couple times before I had the Mgr on duty walk me through. Clearly Publix is being racist now. I am African American and my store has always been wonderful. This is strictly about money. I can live without the penny item. Email him and tell him how you feel! Aldi is already getting more of my business and will continue to.

Not having to worry about coupons, or not being concerned that the prices will change from week to week, is such a relief. The Aldi on Buford Highway is especially nice. I thought they already had! I stopped shopping there a few months ago, because I swore I read that they had stopped doubling. Oh well, coupon doubling would have helped the higher prices at publix. With the prices so high and rare coupon matches, my money is going to local ethnic market chains.

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And they are located across the street from Aldis. Good for you.

All good things must end! I was expecting this would happen sooner or later. I guess the end to competitor coupons will be next. Yea thats what Im thinking too and I would be very sad to that happen. Id likely switch to Target if and when competitors coupons are no longer accepted. Hopefully theyll throw us other promotions instead.

This took about five minutes of delay I pointed to the huge poster hanging right behind him that said otherwise. No apologies. They always treat me like a common criminal trying to get away with theft. As a couponer who did not make excessive purchases of 20 mustards, etc, instead buying items at a time blended with full priced bakery or deli or produce items, staying well within their policy….

It definitely depends on the management. The night manager was called over to help my newbie cashier with a competitors coupon and she stuck around to keep an eye on the transaction. When I wheeled past her later, she looked the other way instead of saying good bye. I now drive further to a much friendlier store. I knew it was coming after Kroger in the Atlanta area stopped doubling I had read that Publix started doubling because Kroger did.

I am sorry for those of you who are losing doubles, but the writing was on the wall when Publix recently opened a new division in North Carolina and decided not to offer doubles even though the competitors they were up against doubled coupons. Only the largest metro areas have a Whole Foods and Fresh Market. A grocery article I read a couple years ago said the fastest-growing retail grocery market in Florida is the hard-discount segment led by Aldi and Save-A-Lot.

Aldi does not accept coupons, but the weekly specials are terrific, and the company has been steadily opening more stores across the state.

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  4. Publix Digital Coupons – How They Work For Extra Savings!
  5. I love Publix, but there is something liberating about being able to shop at Aldi and get great bargains especially on produce without having to prepare coupons for an hour ahead of the trip. Agree with every word. I recently bought their spaghetti sauce and it was just like Ragu or Prego. I always add a little extra spices anyway so there was no difference. I gree with you both! Aldi IS the future of grocery market growth, IMO, especially with continued stagnant wages, increased living costs, obnoxious sales tax rates, etc.

    Aldi really will be a saving grace for those already struggling and the millions heading that way. I live in SC, Ingles is across the street from Publix and still doubles, so does Bilo, only 5 miles away and Bilo takes Publix coupons also. Publix wake up….. I live in the Nashville market area and am so glad to hear that Publix will still double coupons here.

    18 things to buy from Publix — and 15 you're better off skipping

    I think the reason may be that Kroger still doubles coupons here too. As a matter of fact, Kroger still doubles coupons in the same areas of TN that Publix announced that they would continue to double in. At any rate I am glad that they both double here and realize how blessed I am to have this. Kroger also has a great website with lots of digital coupons based on past purchases with your loyalty card. Plus a free Friday download. I live in South FL and my store still honors competitors coupons. I live in the N. Atlanta Area Market. The prices at my Publix have gone up considerably in the last months.

    Doubt it. But it would be the right thing to do.