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The basic premise is train at high intensity and then when the outdoor riding becomes more feasible you can increase length of session and keep intensity high. My name is Stephen Gallagher and director of Dig Deep Coaching and creator of the training plans alongside the guys at Sufferfest.

I would agree that you need to build some longer rides when practical but the focus must be on development of specific areas like cadence, FTP, strength, etc etc which. What we have seen with people using our plans during the winter is perhaps dropping a level i.

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This seems to of worked for many people so far. Again these are generic plans and still do not cover individuals specific areas of developments that certain people may need but are great to get you on the right path towards a strong Hope this might explain a bit of our thinking when making the plans.

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The other key word? Which brings us to the question of the day: What is the difference between a resolution and a goal? Difficult to sustain. For example: I will eliminate all carbs from my diet. I will cut out wine. I will lose 30 pounds by March. I will have 10 servings of veggies per day.

Goals can be awesome when executed in the right way. Established correctly, they set you up for success rather than failure. For example: I will scale back on grain carbs, focusing more on fruit and vegetable carb sources. I will limit wine to three glasses per week. I will include a vegetable with two of my meals per day.

There are bad food choices for every good choice. It demands work, preparation and a shift in mentality leading to a lifestyle change. You can meet your goals, but you must work for it. Visualize your success. Go ahead and feel the emotions of crossing that finish line feeling amazing.

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Or improving your bloodwork parameters to go off that medication. Elation, success, confidence. Summoning these emotions before you actually hit your goal will help you stay on track. Each day is full of choices. We are going to make progress and then slide back down that hill again.

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Each morning is a clean slate. Your adult body is different from your teenage body. Focus on body composition over the number on the scale. Remember that you are an athlete, which means you have loads of muscle mass, which weighs more than fat. If you feel good about yourself and fit into your clothes, try, try, try to let the number go.

In Summary Goals are essential to life, whether it be work, personal, family, training, financial, or nutrition and health. If you need some help developing or implementing your nutrition goals, give me a shout. And to leave you with a last wish for the New Year: Make an annus mirabilis! She is an avid triathlete, having completed many triathlons of all distances including three Ironman races. Sport nutrition products are a multi-billion dollar industry. As the popularity of endurance racing events continue to grow, the marketplace has become saturated with these foods.

You have your choice of gels, chews, bars, powders, pills and smoothies. How in the world do you determine the best fuel source for you? I teach my clients to incorporate clean eating strategies into their everyday lives as well as during training and racing.

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Clean eating means searching out foods that provide the best nutritional value and are minimally processed, leaving nutrients intact. This also means being selective about packaged products when they are consumed. Do you know and understand what every ingredient is in that item? You should. Based on these fueling strategies, here are the important questions to ask on your quest for the best sport nutrition products:.

There are pre-workout, during-workout and post-workout sport fuels.

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What are you looking for? The same concept applies to bars — stick with a maximum of one per day and ensure you are comfortable with the ingredient list. Most sport products are comprised of quickly digesting sugars that inherently raise blood sugar, especially when used outside of training. There are products emerging designed to stabilize blood sugar and provide a more consistent, gradual release of energy over time.

You can gather from my comments above that ingredients are hugely important to me. They should be to you too. Is the sugar source something natural like a puree extracted from fruit? Or something manufactured in a lab? The more natural option will be gentler on your stomach, and will taste much better to boot.

Although these features may drive the price up a bit, they are nice to have. Non-GMO is essential. Genetically modified products have no place in a clean-eating diet. Organic items are also important, especially when considering products with fruit, nuts and grains included. The times are a-changing when it comes to sport nutrition products.


A new wave of more natural, non-GMO, organic, blood sugar stable products are on their way in, which is great news for endurance athletes. But please do use real food when the opportunity is there, even in favor of a more natural sport product. She is an avid triathlete, having completed many triathlons of all distances including 3 Ironman races. Recovery is a very important part of training, one that rejuvenates the body and prepares you for that next workout. Make sure you will be ready to go by smartly refueling your body after workouts that demand it. What types of workouts require refueling?

Generally anything longer than two to three hours.