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I don't think we are going to have a problem with summer, be more likely to be freezing our butts off this time in 6 weeks Had to read your message twice, then it sunk in, so Armstrong you just drive thru it, where as Muir you wall along the path etc went there back in May last year So thinking that Muir Woods would ha ha punt be the better option, I want Kenny to see how nice it is.

We don't have an itinerary for the winery's, we were just going to do a road trip for the day, and see what we can find. We're having a cold spell. But it's supposed to get back to normal in the next few days. But when I say "cold spell," the highs are in the low-to-mid 50sF. Yes, Armstrong has a driving and walking path through it. Muir, as you know, you park outside and have to walk in Sal is not always clear. It's belo's turn today to wear it but I've been keeping it warm for him for the past couple.

I was telling Ken last night about Muir Woods, am pretty sure he would like it, then I saw your post today to somebody regarding Armstrong Grove..

We have 5 nights in San Francisco , the fly to Tucson and go to the wild west lol. That is what happens when you read quickly and reply back on a mobile phone. You don't have the question in front of you. We don't wear no Tiaras -- it is a crown -- last year it was with an order of fries. This year it has a fiscal clip get it? Consider Samuel P. Taylor Park past Fairfax, also.

You drive through redwood forest to get there and, if the park is closed, park just outside the entrance. Too bad you are not visiting now. We saw 4 spawning salmons came back all the way from the Pacific Ocean for their end of life return trip. We usually drive to Pt. Reyes or Pt.

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You can drive to Petaluma back to from there. There is another cheese factory on the way and you might be able to tour the facility and sample some of theirs around the nice duck pond. While you can drive "into" Armstrong Grove you cannot drive "through" it. There are parking places on the road which goes into it but it is recommended that people park at the entrance and walk in, which most do.

Thinking we will go to Muir Woods Ken can drive and do the curey bits , spent about an hour there then head towards Napa Valley. New orders ship.

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Last month Facebook removed our Facebook fan page with nearly , fans on it. I'd had it since just about when Facebook began. I was given no explanation and no one will return anything. I've even sent an express mailer, which was refused. So, I've officially given up and will work outside of Facebook. I'm sorry if you depended on that venue to know when we had updated.

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General Mills. Group A same as Boodle or Coupons. Con Agra. Reckitt Benckiser. Johnson and Johnson. Over printable grocery coupons:. Filing coupon packets whole inside a hanging file box is the easiest way to be organized! Did my Sunday newspapers give me all my coupons:. Just call to schedule, or use the form above to ask any question.

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